Stratification: Has the Integration vs Specialisation Question Been Answered for Tomorrow’s Business?

In the future, if you want a big and profitable business, are you better served focusing on your core value or owning every step in the supply chain, operating every component? It’s an age-old question, the answer to which has been subject to wide debate and big swings in fashion, probably since the earliest enterprises began.

Humanoid Robots: The User Interface for the Internet of Things?

Two of my projects are merging. This morning, inspired by a second viewing of Iron Man 3 (yes, I want to be Tony Stark) I finally finished assembling RoboRaspbian. And realised that he should actually be part of Project Santander. Cue more modifications… Quick recap: I like to build stuff, partly for fun, partly to […]

Take a Picture, With Your Mind.

Imagine taking a picture just by thinking. You train a neural interface to recognise the patterns of activity that are fired when you hit the shutter button on a camera, or your phone. Then when you think that thought, the neural interface triggers snapshots from discrete – and discreet – wireless cameras distributed around your […]

Smart Cities: We Need to Talk

Amid the hype and bluster of Mobile World Congress it is refreshing to hear someone admit they don’t know the answer. Francisco Jose Jariego Fente is Telefonica Digital’s Industrial Internet of Things Director. The question he willingly accepts he can’t answer is admittedly a tricky one: what is the business model for smart cities? Telefonica […]

There’s No Such Thing As A Digital Industry

Last night was spent debating Manchester’s future as a home to technology innovation, with representatives from the city leadership, technology, telecoms, law, and finance firms. One issue really stuck with me. Everyone was keen on the idea of promoting the digital industry but there was frustration at the lack of a common voice for this […]