Could Corrie Cause a Blackout?

Surprise surprise, our national generating capacity is a little shy of what it should be. This winter even with contingency plans activated, we will only be producing 6% more electricity than we consume. That’s not a great margin for error. Three years ago the figure was 17%.

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3D Printing: A Lot of Fuss About Everything

Is 3D printing living up to the enormous hype? Not yet. Maybe the scale of the opportunity is scaring people off.

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Hendo Hoverboard Shows Tech Will Always Surprise

Much fun for the media this week as a start-up punted a prototype hoverboard onto Kickstarter. It’s not quite the tech as featured in Back to the Future, but it’s close enough to get excited about.

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Why is Daisy Going Private? It’s a Question of Agility

Bringing shareholders along for the ride can often slow a company’s transformation

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Through the Looking Glass: Tomorrow’s Office in the Post-Screen Age

In Amsterdam last week I gave a keynote talk on the future of the office and the future of work. I’ve reproduced my script and slides here.

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