Society Will Continue to Accept New Technology

10 years ago few people used smartphones or social networks. Today they are mainstream. The same will happen with wearable technologies that augment our capabilities. But that’s not to say there won’t be challenges.

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The Future of Food? Grow Your Own – Automatically

Imagine this: an indoor appliance the size of a washing machine that feeds, monitors and returns regular crops of salad leaves, tomatoes, herbs, brassicas and potatoes, and does so with a minimal use of water and electricity. All you do is plumb it in and feed it with seeds and nutrients every now and again

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Boosting Your Personal Bandwidth

I am keen to improve my productivity. But I’m not a great fan of rules to structure your working day. Rather, I want a technological solution to make the most of those golden moments when I’m firing on all cylinders.

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Frugal Innovation and the Maker Movement

Charles Leadbeater’s idea of ‘frugal innovation’ seems particularly timely having spent the weekend at Manchester Maker Faire.

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Intersection: Where Macro Trends Meet Your Market

At Book of the Future we have created our own approach to futurism that we call Intersection. It allows us to make practical predictions and inform the advice we give to clients.

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