OrbitSound T12v3 Speaker System

Great sound but slightly disappointing build earns this soundbar and sub package four stars.

Griffin Beacon iPhone Remote

Remote controls feel like a hangover from the eighties to me but we haven’t yet found a better alternative.

The Smartphone: The New Centre of Your Digital World

Predicting the future is never an easy task. But I’ve come to the conclusion that it is fun to try. Let’s face it: wrong guesses are more entertaining than right ones. Like the Replicator in the original Book of the Future, a machine that can copy just about anything atom by atom. According to the […]

Epic Fail: How Technology Keeps Letting Us Down and Why it Always Will

We’ve twice been reminded recently just how fragile or technology infrastructure remains. First of all BT suffered a massive failure in its broadband network, wiping out Internet access for thousands of individuals and businesses. Then just after 10:00 today, RIM’s Slough datacentre had some unspecified failure, taking out the Internet, email and BBM access for Blackberry users across two continents. It’s still not back up as I sit writing this close to midnight (at the 5live studios waiting to go on air).