Husqvarna Automower 305

Save yourself time and get a better lawn: let a robot do the work. Not cheap, but what price time and quality?

IronKey Personal S200 1GB USB Key

Super-security for the paranoid or travelling online bankers. Should be mandatory for careless spies and coppers leaving unencrypted data around.

Track24 PackMaster Lo-Pro

Only useful if you are going to be out of range of mobile masts and power sockets for extended periods. But if you are a seriously off-the-beaten track traveller, it could be a life-saver.

AlertMe Launches Family Panel

As you may have seen, I am something of a fan of the AlertMe Home Monitoring system. Today the company is launching a ‘Family Panel’ of triallists to help them refine and develop the product further. I’ll be joining this panel and thought you might be interested too. You can find out more at http: […]

AlertMe Home Monitoring

Great design used to bring a product with real value to the mass market; potential for expansion as the defacto platform for home automation