ICT: How To Drive The Car (But Not How It Works)

There’s a mixed picture of the UK’s technological advancement presented by two government reports today. According to Ofcom, though we are behind on 4G and ‘superfast’ broadband adoption (greater than 24Mbps), we are the greatest online shoppers in Europe and the biggest users of the mobile Internet on smartphones. But according to Ofsted, we are failing to teach young people about technology in any useful way. Where ‘Information and Communications Technology’ or ICT is taught (despite being compulsory in the curriculum, it isn’t taught in 20% of senior schools), it isn’t taught well.

Twitter: Life’s Red Button

I popped in to 5live last week to talk about Twitter’s review of the year with Aasmah Mir. In the process I did some thinking about what it is about Twitter that has so captured people’s imagination. I didn’t get a chance to squeeze what I came up with into the chat on air so […]

Eton Mobius iPhone Case

With the price of power being what it is, a little free sun-juice, and the ability to stay topped up throughout the day is extremely welcome

LAKS Watch2Pay Watch

A watch with a difference. This one is also a wallet, with an integrated pre-paid card that let’s you make transactions up to £15. The end of cash?

Contactless Payments: The End of Cash?

I’ve been trialling a watch that could replace your wallet. The device contains a small slot for what looks like a SIM card from a mobile phone. This is in fact a payment card that communicates with the till when then watch is held to a reader, now being installed in shops around the UK. […]